Queens of Mademoiselle's Nobility

Eleanor of Aquitaine

🌿 Eleanor of Aquitaine, 1122-1204

Duchess de France, & Queen Consort of England, Reign, 1154-1189

She was married to King Louis Capet VII, 1137-1180.

They had two daughters, Marie de Champagne and Alys Capet de Vexin. 

Eleanor was a staunch supporter of the arts, filling her courts with Poets and artists of courtly love and chivalric poetry.

Her courtly poets were "Benard de Ventadour, Andreas Cappellanus and Chretien de Troyes", she collaborated in the arts with her daughter, Marie de France whom was also a poet.

She accompanied her husband in the 2cd Crusade in Constantinople.

Alys Capet de Vexin

Alys Capet de Vexin,

"Alys Capet Ponthiue, de Vexin" is the Daughter of King Louis Capet VII, King of France.

She was engaged to "Richard de Lionheart" by a marriage contract of King Henry. She had been held captive by King Henry and his wife as a dowry.

She married "Gulliaume III, Count of Ponthieu, aka, William Talvas of Ponthieu, 1178-1221.

Alys Capet Ponthieu de Vexin became a very important role of female warriors.

Elizabeth Plantagenet de Bohun, of Rhuddlan Castle

Elizabeth Plantagenet de Bohun, born August 7, 1282 at Rhuddlan Castle, England.

She is also known as 'Elizabeth of Rhuddlan".

She is the noble daughter of King Edward Plantagent I, King of England and Eleanor Castile.

She was married to Humphrey de Bohun. 

🌿 Lady Isabella de Ferrieres of Lechlade

🌿 Lady Isabella de Ferrieres of Lechlade and Oakham Castle ✨

🌿 👑 I refer to her Highness as my Fairy God Mother, my 24th noble Great Grandmother that I'm most fascinated with. ✨

🌿 From the Legends of Oakham Castle to the mesmerizing tales of the Horseshoes, I envision Lady Isabella de Ferrieres as the English Lechlade 'Princess Fairy' and a ghost of Oakham Castle... ✨