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Karen Jean Tanner, Nobility 

Mademoiselle Karen Jean Tanner, is the founder of Mademoiselle & Co., She is from Dallas, Texas and was born on June 18, 1960.

Mademoiselle & Co. focuses on writers, genealogists, historians and artistic talents of musicians and theater.

We have interests of advocacy and politics as well, striving to create an online forum and podcasts for those who share these special interests.

Her paternal lineage consists of many Colonial American nobles that are direct ancestors to many lineages of Kings and Queens throughout the world.

Her more recent Great Grandfathers of Colonial America are Thomas Jefferson I, Captain John Goode I & II of Whitby Plantation, Colonel William Fly, Colonel Bennett Goode whom was married to Martha Jefferson Goode, and John & Isabel Penkeville Goode of Whitby, England through her 3rd Great Grandmother, Frances Knight Baskerville.

This Baskerville lineage descended from Old Withington, Goosetrey, Cheshire, England and is of the Knights of Baskerville of Eardisley Castle whom reigned England for over 400 years. She is of 22 generations of these magnificient Baskervilles.

The european Knights Templars have assisted in the research of her geneaology and have plans for a Coronation of her titles of legitimacy of Nobility as a Duchess of these lineages. 

Further up her genealogical charts, she is also the Great Granddaughter of King David, King Clovis I, King Foulques V, VI, Counts of Anjou, King of Jerusalem, being of 2 Knights Templar noble lineages and 3 Merovigian bloodlines, one of which is extremely rare.

She is also the Great Granddaughter of King Louis Capet VI, VII & VIII, King Henry I, II, III & IV, King Edward I, and the Emperor of Spain, Alphonso VII & VIII, thus, she had powerful Great Grandmothers whom were Queens, Countesses and Princesses, some of the most powerful women of the world such as Eleanor of Aquitaine. 

👑 Through a line in her Tanner lineage, she is the Great Granddaughter of Baron Walchelim de Ferrieres, 🌿 Lady Isabella de Ferrieres of Lechelade and Oakham Castle, being of 8 generations of these de Ferrieres as well as 7 generations of the Earls of Derby, Sir John Stanley I, Lord Lt. of Ireland, the Royal King of the Isle of Mann. 

🌿 She is the Great Granddaughter of 'Gruffuydd ap Llywelyn' and 'Gruffuydd Maelor II' of the Kingdom of Gwynedd and of Dinas Bran Castle whom are intertwined in the Legends of King Arthur.

Her noble cousins are Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, the Spencer Family of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, Duc Louis XX, King heir to the throne of France, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare and the 6th cousin to Saint Jean d' Arc, and so many more legendary notible royals. 

Mademoiselle conducts extensive genealogical research and will provide a membership database for forums, chats and podcasts for research.

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