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Knights of The Horse-Shoe

"A Traditional Tale of The Cocked Hat Gentry

of the Old Dominion",

1845, William Alexander Caruthers

Legends of 1716, Lieutenant Govenor Alexander Spottswood led his expedition  through the Blue Ridge mountains, having organized his men as the "Knights of The Golden Horse-Shoe".

Double XX Crossed

Mademoiselle's Exclusive Fan Club, "Double XX Crossed", featuring upcoming designs of memorabilia, books, Knight Swords and apparel with the Double XX Crossed ensignia. 

Established, Janvier, XXXX

Founder, Mademoiselle Karen Jean Tanner

The Salem Witch Trials

"The Crucible"

by Arthur Miller about the secret society of old, comparing their methods of courts to the Salem Witch Trial standards of modern society.

Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller were deeply in love, they seemed to have a secret, a secret that made them radiate with laughter of their immense love, and, whatever that secret was.

They always looked as if they were time traveling...

Marilyn Monroe Films

Interesting things about Monroe's films

"Order of the Corsets"

Mademoislle's exclusive book, "Order of the Corsets" explains my theories of the establishment of murderous courts, exposing mysteries about the covert Royal Courts of the Monarchy, imposing cruel and unusual punishment for unaware's been going on for centuries.

Join Mademoiselle's podcasts for these live chats on these important topics.

Don't be an unaware starlet.....Open those books!


Edgar Allan Poe

The Mysteries of Edgar Allan Poe

Was the legendary Black Dahlia the Great Granddaughter of Edgar Allan Poe?

The strange coincidences of the 1940s model-starlet, Elizabeth Short, aka, The Black Dahlia and Edgar Allan Poe have been revealed through my many years of research on their possible biological connection. 

If you know of Mademoiselle's theories on reincarntion, law of attraction and time travel, then my theories on Edgar Allan Poe is a must read for my viewers.

I believe that Poe did have children, and that his lineage was covert, being stalked by the secret society that I've written about in most all of my books.

The "law of attraction" plays a key role in identifying how these secret players use witchcraft to lure their victims into the roles.

I am the first writer to make these eerie connections, I am convinced that Elizabeth Short was the Great Granddaughter of Edgar Allan Poe. 

There is no mistaking the very unique characteristics of Poe's facial features, the shape of his forehead, the eyebrows and shape of his facial structure that were clearly the same inherited features as Elizabeth Short's.

Even a hundred years later, these features were so unique, they still were extremely strong in the lineages. 

I have made genealogical discoveries about Poe and Clemms, also relating this to Samuel Clemmens, aka, Mark Twain. 

Rufus Griswold, I believe was one of the major players that stalked Poe, perhaps even orchestrated his murder and then hiested his entire estate and copyrights. 

The fact that Poe was found wandering around the streets with someone's clothes on and a straw hat diplays the wickedness of his perpetrators.

Griswold was extremely jealous of Poe's writing, also showing his true spitefulness of Poe by the disrepectful and untrue articles after Poe's mysterious death. 

I am also the first to theorize that Poe's poem, "The Raven" was not about a bird, it was about time travel and a UFO ship, a Ship named "Nevermore".

Mysterious Luciferian Connections:

I do not believe the murder of the Black Dahlia was done by one person, it was a Network. Just like the Jack the Ripper murders, it was a wicked, gothic Fraternal Network of Luciferians. 

That is why these types of murders are hard to solve, there are usually  many suspects because it is a network of players. Many times they are law enforcement, physicians and courts involved. 

To understand how Luciferians use mathmatics, symbols and numbers in their charts, you need to study how "law of attraction" can also function, not just in natural phenomenons, but is also used in witchcraft by the High Priests, Warlocks and Witches.

Here are a few details that will provide readers with these examples:

The Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short's Mother is a "Sawyer", Phoebe Mae Sawyer Short.

They resided at "Hyde Park" in Boston which is where Elizabeth Short grew up.

They then moved to Massachusettes to "115 Salem St.", this is condusive to ritualistic lucerferian riddles, "115 Salem" could indicate the date of "January 15th", the street name "Salem" could indicate the Salem Witch Trials.

The Black Dahlia was layed near "Hyde Park" in Los Angeles, she grew up in Hyde Park in Boston.

The Jack the Ripper legends were of Hyde Park in England.

Many times, these types of murders involve an entire Network and sometimes the family of the victims are involved, using their own as a sacrifice to their sinister network as a ritual. 

To further understand these mathematics of "law of attraction", it is easier to study "numerology" and alchemy to broaden one's sense of comprehension of these methods.

Edgar Allan Poe mysteriously went to Baltimore just days before his death, The Black Dahlia was last seen at the "Biltmore Hotel". Many times the names are similar and not exact, "Biltmore & Baltimore" for example. 

I think it very possible that Edgar Allan Poe was relaying warnings and public information in his poems about the Luciferians, that is why his works were so macabre in form. Griswold wanted to stop him, there were many politicians involved in that Griswold connection. 

We see these mysteries in writings such as Nostradamas and his quatrains of prophesies where names are very similar but the events did take place that he prophesied.

These are very complex theories to one who does not understand the basic functionalites of law of attraction or numberology. Many simply call it witchcraft. 

Please see this link for the book review:


The Raven

Mademoiselle's "Mysteries of Edgar Allan Poe" reveal that Poe was describing a frightening experience with not a bird, but rather, a UFO, time traveling Ship named "Nevermore".

Poe states that the Raven had wandered up from the "Plutonian Shore" which woud be condusive to the Underworld of Pluto.

He relates that he was reading books of antiquity, "quaint and forgotten lore".

As I further investigated the time era of "Lenore" possibly being a place in England and not actually a woman whom the name, Lenore was mentioned in many of his writings.

His description of the Ship "Nevermore" detailed the reclining velvet seats, firey eyes (lights) and bell tones of a vehicle of some type. He is definately describing a vehicle or ship and not a bird.

"The Raven"

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary

Over many a quaint and forgotten lore-

while I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,

as of some gently rapping at my chamber door-

"Tis some visitor I muttered," only this and nothing more.

Ah distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December;

and each seperate dying ember wrought it's ghost upon the floor

eagerly I wished the morrow, vainly I had sought to borrow

from my books surcease to sorrow, sorrow for the lost Lenore-

For the rare and radiant Maiden whom the angles named Lenore-

nameless here for evermore....

Poe's Genealogy:

Edgar Poe, Born, January 19, 1809 in Boston, Mass., died, October 7, 1849 in Baltimore, MD.

Richard Poe, 1610, Nottingham, England

It is presumed that Edgar Allan Poe's Great Grandfather, Richard Poe, was from Nottingham, England and Leonard Poe was from Ireland, a Physician for King James I and King Charles I.

Dr. Leonard Poe 1640-1700, Wife, Mary Poe


-David Poe, 1742,  & Sarah Clifford Poe, Dring, Cavan Ireland

-John Poe 1720-1756, & Jane McBride Poe, Ireland , 1756, Baltimore,MD

-General David Poe 1742-1816, born in Ireland, died in Baltimore, MD,

  Wife,  Elizabeth Cairnes Poe, 

-David Poe II, July 18, 1784, died 1811, Wife, Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe 

 (Parents of Edgar Allan Poe)

"A Royal Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe"

May the Grace, Protection and Power of our Almighty God be upon on us!

Revealing Truths, exposing the lies of the wicked and protecting us from all evil. Amen!