A Sorority of Noble Research

A Royal Tribute of Nobility

Welcome to Mademoiselle & Co., A snobbish Sorority of Nobility. 

We research genealogy, Colonial American history, Medieval European History, England's medieval castles and so much more!

We are closely connected to the Knights Templars of Solomon in efforts to establish their Kingdoms for biblical restorations. These are extremely exciting topics that we will share on our future podcasts and forum.

Karen Jean Tanner, founder of Mademoiselle & Co., has written various movie scripts, books and articles on politics, activism and legends.

Mademoiselle has a section for lyrics, poems and songs for review under our "Poems, Sonnets & Lyrics" page.

Our Mademoiselle Feather Hat Sorority is most charming, featuring Silver Tea Parties, Charity Events and various other member organizations that are in the design phases.

We are seeking volunteers, and investors for these featured sections of writing, entertainment, charity and advocacy groups. 

Thank you for visiting our website! 


Poems, Sonnets & Lyrics 

"Wooden Nickels"

'Wooden Nickels'

Album, 'Under the Willow Tree' 

Don't take any wooden nickels Mother said to me,

Don't take any wooden nickels under the Willow Tree...

Save up all your pennies, put them in a Mason jar, but hide all of the Gold in the Treasure Chest and bury it in the yard.

I've got the picnic basket with all the food and fruit, get out of those clothes and put on your hat and wear your swimming suit.


Don't take any wooden nickels Mother said to me....

Don't take any wooden nickels under the Willow Tree.

Come on down to the pond, wanna go fishing with me,

Put your hopes on a string and tie on the hook and drop it into the sea.


I made a carafe' of tea and packed a cooler of ice, sliced lemons and mint with sweetness and tea will make our picnic so nice.

I found a shiny Gold coin up under that Willow Tree, that's where we have our picnics like a Treasure Chest from the sea..


Don't take any wooden nickels Mother said to me,

Don't take any wooden nickels under the Willow Tree.

Copyright 2019

Karen Jean Tanner

Summertime Lyrics

Merovigian Dynasty

The Kingdom of King David, King Clovis I, King Foulques V, Count of Anjou, King of Jerusalem and the Knights Templars.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Tombs of the Saints of the Holy Grail

Tomb of King Foulques V

Saint Joan of Arch

Westminster Abbey Saints 

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